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Friday, September 28, 2007

Nokia BB5 Unlocking

Disclaimer unlock nokia 6680
I did not write any of this information, it is summarized from various sources. I am not responsible for any damage you may cause to you, your phone, or your computer. Credit for most of this work belongs to Dejan Kaljevic and the various posters on gsmhosting.com

Read this entire page before trying to do anything. If you do not agree with these terms, just leave, I'm trying to do people a favour.

What is BB5? unlock nokia 6680
BB5 is a software platform used by Nokia in its newer phones.

Which phones are BB5? unlock nokia 6680
Nokia 3250
Nokia 5500
Nokia 6125
Nokia 6126
Nokia 6131
Nokia 6136
Nokia 6233
Nokia 6234
Nokia 6270
Nokia 6280
Nokia 6630
Nokia 6680
Nokia 6681
Nokia 6682
Nokia 7370
Nokia N70
Nokia N71
Nokia N72
Nokia N73
Nokia N80
Nokia N90
Nokia N91
Nokia N92
Nokia N93
Nokia E50
Nokia E60
Nokia E61
Nokia E62
Nokia E70

How do I unlock them?
If your phone is older BB5, then Dejan Kaljevic, a renowned GSM expert, has released software solution. His solution works for the following phones:
Nokia 6630 RAP3G v2.10E PA
Nokia 6680 RAP3G v2.0E PA
Nokia 6681 RAP3G v2.0E PA
Nokia E60 RAP3G v2.20E PA
Nokia E65 RAP3G v2.20E PA
Nokia E70 RAP3G v2.20E PA
Nokia N70 RAP3G v2.20 PA
Nokia N71 RAP3G v2.20 PA
Nokia N90 RAP3G v2.11 PA
Nokia N91 RAP3G v2.20E PA
Nokia N93 RAP3GS v2.0E PA

I have one of those phones. How do I unlock it?
You need
Phone (SIM card removed!)
CA43 or DKU5 cable (Original Nokia with 13 pins)
Software (http://users.net.yu/~dejan/download/bb5.zip)

Connect cable to computer and phone
Set proper COM cable (must be, between 1 and 9)
Download unlocker, run `install.bat`
Open file c:/bb5_unlocker/logs/bb5_unlocker.cfg with a text editor set proper COM port (1-9)
Run c:/bb5 unlocker/BB5logunlocker.exe
Turn phone on. While it is turning on, click READ PHONE. You should see "DONE"
Click MAKE LOG, a log will be created. This log is used to generate the codes. Wait until you see "DONE".
Log file is in folder LOGS. Start BB5_calc.exe to make the PSW file.
Press button SP UNLOCK and unlock your phone.

It didn't work!
Solution courtesy to_deal_with on gsmhosting.com
- Phone off,
- Connect the cable to phone anc pc (dku5, jaf, serial)
- Open the program
- Power on the phone
- When you see Nokia on the screen, immediately press on Read phone!
Afterwards use BB5 Calc and then SP Unlock

This method has always been a success.
If I power on the phone first and let it start up completely, by inserting the cable phone says enhancement not supported and making log fails.

In this case, reconnect the cable and Press Write backup.
If writing backup succeeded, Just follow the method I wrote above. Tested on many N70.

In Dejan's words:
Be sure that my BB5 logger is installed properly with apropriate FBUS interface (DKU-5) or old clasic FBUS cable connected to standard COM port.

Start loger.
Once connected phone by FBUS interface to PC, press "Read Phone" button. If everything is ok, some data will be readed and displayed, otherwise check your connection, phone, cables, etc.

If logger shows message "SP Data IS corrupted" than you have phone that somebody played with it and destroyed field 308,1. So, you have to fix that field by sending that phone to official NOKIA repair centre!!!

If everything is OK you can press "Make Log" button. LOGER will create backup of field 308,1 and try to make LOG file. In that process, sometimes field 308,1 can be corrupted which can be checked by clicking again on "Read Phone" button.

NOW, if logger shows message "SP Data IS corrupted" than you just have to click several times "WR Backup" and "Read Phone" to check that is your phone is OK.

My phone is hardlocked. What can I do?
If you have already used all 3 attempts to unlock via keypad, but you have unlock codes from your carrier, you can use the program to input the codes.

In "c:\bb5_unlocker\psw" create a text file "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa_BB5.psw" where is "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" enter your phones IMEI
Then in that created file enter in "#pw+bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb+c#" where is "bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb" is the unlock codes and where is "c" enter your logs level number (1-7).
Save the file
Use "SP UNLOCK" function

My phone is a BB5 phone, but not on the list of phones that can be unlocked with Dejan's software. What can I do?
If your phone is locked to Vodafone UK you can try this:

Or you will have to wait until the solution is released for free.